MOTUL partner of Rétromobile

Motul and Rétromobile : to share the same passion.

Passion is part of the culture of a company whose brand is celebrating in 2016 its 163 years of existence. Motul has emerged with the Industrial Revolution and has since ceased to innovate in many sectors of industry. This story is dear to the brand and that is why Motul again Rétromobile Fair partner in 2016 with the main objective to share a common passion for vintage cars.

Motul has multiplied the leading innovations in automotive lubrication.

First multi-grade lubricant in 1953 first semi synthetic multigrade lubricant in 1966, the first 100% synthetic multigrade lubricant in 1971.

The peculiarities of older engines require suitable lubricants.

If the performance of modern lubricants have been considerably improved, composition, particularly the additives used in their formulation, are not suitable for some conventional engines, the design (metallurgy, technology, choice of materials, particularly for joints, games larger operation ...) and operating constraints are very different from modern engines.

The peculiarities of older engines therefore require suitable lubricants. The Motul range for historic vehicles has been designed in compliance with original technology, using when necessary to recent techniques that provide a real benefit (such as the detergent of 20W50). The Motul range provides maximum protection and offers solutions for all applications: from cars with very little long periods of immobilization to those used in competition and seeking full mechanics.

Motul gamme classique

Motul range for classic cars:

SAE 30 & SAE 50*  

  • Perfectly suited for engines and gearboxes built between 1900 and 1950 .
  • Mineral lubricant monograde low detergent content for full compatibility with paper seals, felt and fabric.
  • The low detergent content prevents delamination and soot deposits in the lubrication circuit .
  • Usable as honing oil shortening oil change interval .
  • Full compatibility with yellow metals , brass, bronze , copper.
  • Enhanced grip for easier starting after long periods of immobilization.


  • Designed for engines built between 1950 and 1970 .
  • multigrade mineral lubricant medium grade detergent , compatible with elastomer seals .
  • The 20W50 meets the standards of the time (API SF / CC) while benefiting from the advanced technology of Motul lubricants.
  • Viscosity suitable for narrowed running clearances engines due to the significant progress of the times in metallurgy , casting and machining.

2100 15W50 

  • Updated version of the 2100 1966.
  • Developed for original engines , atmospheric or turbocharged , built after 1970 .
  • semi synthetic lubricant formulated with modern technology detergent .
  • 2100 15W50 meets the latest standards (API SH / CF) and offers improved cold viscosity in order to reduce wear at startup.
  • Lubricant reinforced with a synthetic base ( oxidative stability ) for the retention of viscosity to a constant oil pressure.
Banniere classic Motul