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The ultra-light version of theTipTop Bonneville is the TipTop Charlotte! Collectors will be thrill to have this one since they usually prefer to keep the convenience and the Vintage style. This trailer is the only one that a car 2cv or an old-looking Beetle can tow without losing their style: you might see envious glances while attending gatherings of old cars!

Stands :

  • 1 E 053

Complementary information

Product type

  • New product
  • Innovative product
  • Favorite product


Technical aspects of this Compact and Vintage Version:

Bed for 2 pers.: 150×200, thick mattress: 10cm.

Equipments: Left door with window, ceiling window, painted chassis, retro fender, protection to keep the battery charged.

Dimensions: L.: 321cm, width: 173cm, height: 150cm, weight: 250kg.

No need of a special driving license, delivered with the car registration document allowing loading the vehicle up to 750kg.

Tire size: 155/70/ R13
Chassis KNOTT with unbraked suspension.
French concept. Each TipTop is numbered.



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