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Stands :

  • PAV1 J 104

64 route de Mulhouse
68800 Vieux Thann


The CG car owner club was created in 1982. It gathers 75 members who are all owners of one or several véhicules of this brand. All the models produced are represented, such as the coupé and cabriolet but also those which have been developed for racing purpose, the « protos 548 » and two of the few spider. This very dynamic association is organized to provide to its members the spécific parts necessary for the maintenance of their cars. It is the case for the body parts moult from the original tooling, it is the same for the chassis, for which the tools are still operational. This club regularly participate to différents shows and events dedicated to vintage vehicules. A meeting organized on a yearly basis gathers a large participation of the owner of those beautiful « autos» A committee of the wise men takes care of the brand integrity. It has set up an authentification process of cars which will actually allow us to have an exhaustive file of original cars . It is at the 1966 car show in Paris that, for the first time, the Chappe brothers and Jean Gessalin were present as car manufacturer. In order to celebrate the « Automobiles CG » 50th anniversary , our club is participating to the 2016 Retromobile event. Come and visit us (Hall1 Stand J 104) . You are welcome. We will give you all the détails of the remarkable adventure of this artisan car manufacturer who, between 1966 and 1974 ,the year of the company shutdown, has built close to 400 cars, including the racing cars which have marked the early 70ies by getting numerous Rally victories.


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